ICE Hockey Maniac Parlay

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10 May 22





  • Title : ICE Hockey Maniac Parlay
Date: 10 May 2022  |   Bet: 50  |   Odds: 3.91  |  
Author: Sixth man  |   Category: US Sports  |   Value: 8/10


The Maniac Tip week goes on with an NHL Parlay and an Ice Hockey booster to make it over 13.x odds. Check my Parlay Prediction and get you a great win here.


The main Tip is of 3 NHL matches and mixed up to get the most out of the Prediction and the highest likely chance of winning the main Tip. Dont bet too much, bet save here , 50% on main tip and 50% on big one is best.

  • Carolina over 5.5
  • Tampabay 2nd Period 0.5 Handicap
  • Oilers 2nd period over 1.5 total

Maniac NHL betting Tip

This are the Boosters to make it 13.x odds , bet the half you was bet on the main tip.

this are the add on for booster:

  • Hamilton to win
  • Kington over 6.5
  • Lulea to wn

Ice Hockey Maniac Tip


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Odds 3.91
Start Time 23:58 : 10-May-22
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