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Andy Walton Pro Tipster

Highroller since 2016. - and the Top Tipster for USA Sports

- Andy has 10 successful years as a footballer, football manager and in other leadership roles, which has afforded him the privilege of making his living as a professional high roller through the years.

Andy is from Orlando Florida and living in Hong Kong and relaxed life from Sports predictions, he will start now share his best tips with the highest win rate and you will see him in the top3 Tipsters

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Kenny E. CEO Professional Tipster

since 2015 tipster for 5 Spades and build the group and started to give professional Football tips

2017 - I started with Sports predictions and built many Facebook groups that got successful and built up a big fanbase. Also, I was the Partner Manager for marketing and promotions. Ever since I started with betting, I have been very successful and reached my dream of living in asia by analysing games and winning my tips.

For me, betting is more than a hobby, It's a lifestyle. I usually watch most Serie A games from Italy, but my predictions can come from every sport where I find value against the bookmakers. No I am sharing my knowledge as much as possible and hope to see other people reach their goals aswell.

2019 - I joined EltoroTips and set another chapter in my life.

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Matthias Mebes CDO - IT Director

Since my childhood I have been watching football and been visiting Bundesliga matches. Since 2006 i started to make my own analysis for upcoming games and build a side income with sports betting.

In the same time i started working as Business Develop Manager and build my first Websites to provide Social Media and Seo Service.

in 2010 i left Europa and start my Dream to work and live in Asia. Since then i built many websites and specialized in SEO Service and Payment Security process.

With EltoroTips I have bring all my professions together and want to grow the website into something that people will acknowledge for sports predictions.


El Toro Tips was founded by two friends interested in gambling who possess a great breadth of knowledge in odds and betting. Sports and Betting have long been a big part of their lives. This has built up the fine skills that these gentlemen possess.


In the spring of 2019, we received many requests to create some type of platform where we publicly share our shrimp and game tips. 


that way, the Facebook group El Toro Tips was created. The group broke through quickly and we are growing with each passing day. Since the Facebook group was such a success, we decided to start a website as well. Our primary goal is to become the largest and leading company in Scandinavia/ Europe in just game proposals and runs on all conceivable sports and leagues. We have tips for you who love Ice Hockey, Football, Basketball, Tennis, and E-Sports. We have and will always give our followers serious and high-quality game tips.

All our drivers record all gambling on personal spreadsheets. This means that you who take part in our game tips can see how it goes and has gone before. We are simply to be trusted. We can help you make money on one of the most fun things there is, odds and betting.


We provide the best betting tips


Along with the best odds so you can maximize your winnings. We also keep track of the gaming companies' various campaigns and offers. With us, you can compare bonuses at different gaming companies and find the company that offers the hottest bonuses. Are you going to play, it's just as good to make it smart, right?


Based on our website, you can be sure not to miss any extra good offers. This site and our Facebook group are our two main platforms. Do you want to increase your chances of winning big? Then you should follow us.


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