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What are Tipster in Sports Betting ?

Tipster originally comes from English and is mainly used to describe a person who regularly provides sports betting tips and sports betting information, which in turn can be used by other people for their own purposes. A comparison would be the stock market analyst, who makes buy recommendations for shares and thus supports investors. A tipster's tips can be offered both for free and commercially.


Tipster - Tips and information from industry insiders

Simply put, a tipster can also be described as a tipster or tipster, or an expert, and is primarily found in the field of sports betting. Usually, this is a person who, for given reasons, has more knowledge and skills than the average consumer. But even people with insider knowledge often aspire to become a tipster, since a lot of money can be made here on the side.


However, this last point is usually one of the reasons why tipsters are discredited these days. There are many paid offers on the Internet that promise profitable tips if you have previously bought them as a subscription. That's why we have the Leader board to see which tipster gives really good sports betting tips.


Therefore, those who rely on free tips or go straight to statistics sites and study them are on the safe side.


What does a real tipster consider in his work?

If you would like to become a tipster yourself, or are simply interested in finding out how they work, you can read a few steps below that you need to take into account:


  • Analyze tables and statistics in depth
  • Look at the form curve of players and teams
  • Injuries, suspensions and failures
  • Expected lineup and its goal
  • Current situation of the club
  • The weather at the time of the game
  • Examine the initial situation (aim for a win or a draw?)
  • Compare betting odds
  • Referee statistics
  • Consider home field advantage and determine importance
  • Consider possible double burdens of the teams


Most of the tips above relate primarily to ball sports, but broadly apply to other events as well. In general, however, this list should be expanded at your own discretion.

Summary: Tipsters are Betting Professionals in the true sense of the word who make their knowledge available to who pay and public is trustful sport-sheets and winning stats. With the help of this knowledge, bets can now be placed. The way a tipster works is usually very extensive and conscientious.

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