Why the Celtics Lost Game 7 Against theHeat

Why the Celtics Lost Game 7 Against theHeat Image

The Boston Celtics were eliminated in Game 7 of the Eastern Finals against the Miami Heat. The
Celtics had managed to overcome a 3-0 series deficit to force a Game 7, but they were ultimately
beaten soundly by Miami, losing by a final score of 103-84, disappointing many Boston fans.
Sites such as Draftkings Massachusetts reported that this was one of the most wagered-on NBA
games in history, but, ultimately, Massachusetts fans suffered crushing disappointment, both on
the court and likely in their pocketbooks as well.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why the Celtics lost the game and what they could
have done otherwise to prevent their elimination.

Inefficient Shooting from Beyond the Arc

One of the main reasons why the Celtics lost Game 7 was their inefficient shooting from beyond
the arc. Despite facing a short-handed Miami squad that was missing key players like Tyler
Herro and Victor Oladipo, Boston could not eliminate the Heat. The Celtics shot themselves in
the foot with their poor shooting from beyond the arc, which was evident in their last two games.

In Game 7, Boston started out the game 0-for-10 from three-point range in the first quarter.
However, instead of adjusting their game plan and settling for easier shots, the Celtics kept
chucking away, finishing 4-for-21 (19%) from beyond the arc at halftime. It didn't get any better
before the game ended, as they continued to shoot at the same pace, finishing the game 9-for-42
(21.4%) from beyond the arc.

No Adjustments Made by the Celtics
The Celtics never made any adjustments, as they clearly struggled on the offensive end defensive
ends throughout the game. Furthermore, the Heat adjusted from their three losses, resulting in a
version of Jimmy Butler. Their stingy defensive effort forced the Celtics into a season-low 84-

point scoring output, completely neutralizing Jayson Tatum, who was limited to just 14 points on
5-of-13 shooting.

Inconsistent Offense and Lack of a True Point Guard

The Celtics inconsistent offense and lack of a true point guard also contributed to their loss in
Game 7. The teams point guard responsibilities were shared among Marcus Smart, Derrick
White, Jaylen Brown, and Jayson Tatum, resulting in an offense that could get clunky in big
moments. This was evident in their Game 7 loss to the Heat.

Furthermore, it has become obvious that the Tatum-Brown pairing has also reached a ceiling.
Despite Boston's success in the past, they have repeatedly come up short of the ultimate goal of
winning a championship.

The Need for Change in Boston

It&s becoming clear that the current Celtics squad has reached their ceiling, and it's time for a
change in Boston if they want to win a championship. For the sixth straight postseason, the
Tatum-Brown-Smart-led Celtics finished short of an NBA title. While all three players remain in
their 20s, it's become obvious that this squad has reached their limit.

Despite winning three games in the Eastern Conference Finals, the major difference in coaching
between Joe Mazzulla and Erik Spoelstra was evident in Game 7. Mazzulla saved his job
heading into next season, but he needs to make significant changes to the team's approach if they
want to achieve their objective of winning a 17th NBA title.

The Celtics are unlikely to change their head coach, and they're probably not going to move
Brown considering their impressive performance in the playoffs. However, it's obvious that the
Celtics need a change entering the offseason if they want to win a championship.


The Boston Celtics; Game 7 loss to the Miami Heat was a harsh reminder that their current roster
configuration has reached its limit. Despite winning three games in the series, their inconsistent
offense, poor shooting from beyond the arc, lack of a true point guard, and failure to make
adjustments cost them the chance to advance to the NBA Finals.

Its time for the Celtics to make significant changes if they want to win their 17th NBA title.
While they are unlikely to change their head coach, they need to explore other options to add
depth to their roster and address their weaknesses.