Rugby World Cup 2023 France, can we repeat the sucess from 2019 ?

Rugby World Cup 2023 France, can we repeat the sucess from 2019 ? Image

Every four years, a new Rugby World Cup tournament happens in a distinct location. In 2019, the competition was held at Japan, with Russia and the titular country being the ones who opened the games.  The next tournament will take place in France, in 2023.

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This is one of the most attended events worldwide. In this occasion, there were twenty teams divided into four groups of five – the first two teams of each round will go to the final quarters.


  • This Rugby World Cup was the first major rugby tournament held in Asia and Japan overall.
  • It has been regarded as the most successful World Cup, economically speaking.
  • More than fifty percent of Japanese people followed the sport for the first time, expanding the sport’s borders within that territory.
  • This world cup created 46,340 jobs to support or for the event.
  • It was the most successful sports even in Japan, economically speaking.


This world cup, according to many news sites and statistics, has been the best to this date. Not only did it bring a unique experience for the fans – either foreigners or locals – it also was an excellent opportunity for Japan to show off its culture. This tournament was filled with emotion and unforgettable moments.

This tournament lasted 44 days, and took place in 12 Japanese cities. It was the most seen, most attended and most socially-compromised Rugby World Cup.

Now, let’s return to the actual sport speech. As mentioned above, the teams were organized in four groups of five teams each – from A to D.

Group A

The first group had Ireland and Sweden as favorites. On the other hand, Japan and Samoa were thought to be the third place, which grants them a place during the next world cup. Last but not least, Russia was the underdog of this group.

Group B

As for the second group, it had as favorites New Zealand and South Africa. These two teams hold the most Rugby World Cups since the tournament was established in 1987, with three and two respectively. The other three teams were Namibia, Italia and Canada.

Group C

This group had a lot of potential, especially because England was part of it. Furthermore, remarkable teams like Argentina and France where also likely to advance to later stages. The other two teams were Tonga and United States.

Group D

Australia and Gales had a bit of advantage compared to the other teams, which were Georgia, Fiji and Uruguay.

The Favorites

During this competition, five teams were the favorites:

  • New Zealand
  • Gales
  • England
  • South Africa
  • Ireland

What about the winner? – England vs. South Africa

The finals were rigged. Although both teams had a lot of potential, the match pointed out clearly what team had advantage over the other.

The game continued with South Africa demonstrating better movement and performance than their rivals. In the end, they took another Rugby World Cup home and became the second team with the most RWCs in the sport’s history. Will this change the next season? Who knows?

We’re still expecting to see how things turn out for all teams during the next edition of the Rugby World. It is expected to take place in France in 2023.

The latest Rugby World Cup was hugely remarkable for numerous reasons. Not only has it been regarded as the most successful edition of the tournament, but also left us with many memorable moments and put numerous teams in the spotlight that were never taken into account.