Qatar World Cup 22: When does it start?

Qatar World Cup 22: When does it start? Image

The world’s most important soccer tournament has already been announced. All the dates and locations have been announced, and the great news is that it is happening in less than one year. As most of us know, the tournament will take place in Qatar.

Qatar WM 22 will start on November 21, 2022, and is expected to finish on December 18, 2022.

These dates were selected due to the weather conditions. While it is typical for this tournament to have place between June and July, in Qatar, the temperatures can be as high as 122ºF, which makes it practically impossible for such a big competition to take place.

Still, the first lineup of the tournament has been announced. Stay with us for a little while to learn more about the Qatar World Cup so you can star building your betting strategy for when the dates start getting closer.

Group phase

The group phase will initiate on November 21. Although we still don’t know that much about where and when the matches will take place, we already know what teams will face each other in the field.

The Qatar World Cup 22 will start with Qatar Vs. Ecuador and Senegal vs. Holanda. Both of these matches Will likely take place in different locations at different times, but again, we’ll have to wait until the dates get closer for an official announcement.

Most of the lineup for the group phase has been announced, although a few matches are still pending. The participation of certain countries is still being disputed, and we will see the complete lineup in the following days one the upcoming events are over.

As it’s usual of these groups will be facing each other from November, 21, to December, 2. Then, on December 3, the round of 16 will start. The quarterfinals are expected to begin o December 9, while the final is expected to take place on December 18. The time and place have already been announced, too – it’ll take place in the Lusail Iconic Stadium at 18:00 o’clock.  

There are tons of details around the web regarding how the Qatar World Cup 2022 will turn out. However, as of now, all of that information remains as speculation – although you can always make your predictions and use them to your advantage to build your betting strategy. Keep in mind that the tournament is bound to happen in about half a year, though!

Who will win Qatar 2022?

Most people are already speculating about the potential winner of the Qatar 2022 and most sportsbooks have already started to list their favorites. Some websites list countries like Brazil, France, England and Argentina as the potential winners of this year’s soccer world cup.

Although you can already make your bets, we still have to wait for a few months until we get to see how everything turns out. Perhaps we’ll be surprised by the actual result!

Sports betting in Qatar World Cup 2022

It’s already possible to start placing your wagers on the most important sports event in the world. However, we highly recommend you to wait for a little longer just to see how things turn out as there’s still plenty of time until the actual tournament starts.

We still have to wait about half a year to see how everything turns out in the end. The hype is already building and many people have already started building their strategies based on previous records and their own beliefs.

What are your opinions on the current lineup of the Qatar World Cup 2022? Who do you think will be the winner? Let us know in the comments!