Highest Paid Footballers

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Even though some individuals may refer to it as "soccer," it is undeniable that football is the most widely played sport worldwide.

Over 3.5 billion individuals are predicted to be admirers. Among all these sports, only cricket comes close in popularity (2.5 billion players).

When you reach a certain level of fame, your compensation increases significantly. The current growth rate is unprecedented, and it does not appear to be cooling down any time soon.

To put it another way: let's speak about the people who get the biggest slice of the pie. Here you go if you're interested in knowing who football players earned the most money in 2022.



Several of the names on this list are French mega-brands. The three highest-paid players in football all play for the same club, Paris Saint-Germain.

Interestingly, this still isn't enough to give Paris the UEFA Champions League. Mbappe has signed a big new deal with PSG, making him the best-paid player in the world.

Mbappe pledged his career to France in a pact that purportedly gives him power over coaching decisions and player recruiting, despite his repeated statements of trying to play for Real Madrid.


LIONEL MESSI (PSG) earns $41,000,000 annually

Second place goes to the person widely considered the greatest to play the game.

Lionel Messi, at age 34, is still revered as the best player of all time by many. After unexpectedly deciding to leave Barca in the July of 2021, the Argentine superstar is now a free agent.

After leaving Camp Nou, Messi quickly signed with PSG. The French powerhouses gave Leo a huge yearly net salary of $41 million.

The initial term of the contract was set for two years, with a third-year extension possible.



Neymar, Messi's colleague at PSG, has also signed a new contract that will take effect in the July of 2021.

Up to the summer of 2025, the Brazilian superstar will remain committed to the French club. Every year, he will be paid $36.5 million.

Over the past decade, Neymar has consistently ranked among the league's top 5 - 10 athletes.

Despite his many French victories, he would gladly give up his trophies for the chance to win the coveted UEFA Champions League.


Moreover, if PSG succeeds in winning the premier continental championship, Neymar will get a substantial prize from the club.



Cristiano Ronaldo signed a two-year contract with his former club Man Utd in the July of 2021, making him the top-paid player in Premier League history.

So, after more than a decade with Real Madrid and Juventus, Ronaldo is back at Old Trafford with Manchester United.

Although things are not looking good for Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo should not be concerned about his salary.

At the age of 37, he is the third most paid player in the world. Like his competitor and longtime foe Lionel Messi, Ronaldo signed a two-year contract with a one-year extension clause.



Next on our list is Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City, so let's head to the blue side of town.

The renewal of the Belgian midfielder's contract is contingent on his signing in the July of 2021. He has signed a contract to remain at Manchester City until 2025.


Paul Pogba of Manchester United earns an annual salary of $27 million

Despite the club's lack of success during the last decade in the Premier League and the five years in terms of major trophies, another Manchester United player has made the cut.

Pogba achieved football's highest title with France at World Championships 2018. Still, his tenure at Manchester United only delivered a trophy in his first season – both player and club undoubtedly expected much more than the Europa League. It looks likely to go for free at the end of this year.