100 Thieves vs. Evil Geniuses at Bracket - UB Semifinal - League of Legends

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Leauge of Legends
15 August 21

100 Thieves




Evil Geniuses

  • Title : 100 Thieves vs. Evil Geniuses at Bracket - UB Semifinal - League of Legends
Date: 15 Aug 2021  |   Bet:   |   Odds: 2.10  |  
Author: Andy Walton  |   Category: MLB  |   Units: 9/10


With such similar profiles on paper, preparation and coaching could make the real difference. But we have here a great eSports Prediction what is big special and a Top League of Legends match.


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Typically you’d expect to possess a transparent favourite when one among the teams was seeded directly into the Lower Bracket, but 100 Thieves mopped up EG pretty convincingly within the teams’ last meeting, and therefore the head-to-head role matchups pile up quite well for 100T. Both teams are top side-heavy, with relatively quiet contributions from the mid and bot lanes.

There has never been an issue that Ssumday is that the 100 Thieves’ best player, and given the Evil Geniuses’ insistence on playing through Huni as their win condition for much of their series against FlyQuest (despite my advice to play through Bang), that creates the highest lane even more important for 100T.

Ssumday has the skill and pedigree to be the absolute best player within the entire LCS, but I’d argue that he’s never really been within the right team context to understand his ceiling. I’m not especially enamoured of the roster built around him this split, as an entire , but the partnership he’s formed with Contractz has borne fruit. This playoff series may be a perfect opportunity for the fruit to ripen. Contractz usually gets a winning matchup, using an 83% counterpick rate to get a +408 GXD10 in 12 games during the regular season. Ssumday’s laning pressure helps to make opportunities for Contractz; that’s exactly what i would like to ascertain on Sunday.

Poome may be a little bit of an issue mark. Typically, rookies are anesthetize a microscope in their first playoffs appearance, and that we ponder whether they’ll need to affect nerves. From what I’ve seen of Poome, that won’t be a problem . The guy has been tilt-proof. Unfortunately, he’s had too many opportunities to prove it this split. It’s great if you aren’t tilting, but a tilted death is not any less expensive than a tiltless death. 100T don’t need Poome to be a star during this series, they only need him to play clean and permit the highest half the map to require over.

Against FlyQuest, I wanted Evil Geniuses to play through Bang and win dragon fights, but they decided to place more emphasis on Huni initially , with two Hecarim picks within the first two games before switching to a more team fight-oriented Gnar in game 3 then , finally, a bot lane-focused Shen in game 4. Gangplank came through for game 5, a classic Huni pick that does alright at helping rock bottom lane, but IgNar and Santorin had other ideas and FLY managed to outlast EG during a hard-fought series. I don’t blame Huni’s execution for the losses; I mostly have a problem with the sport planning for the primary two games.

Ironically, now that EG goes up against Ssumday and friends, i feel top side focus is really an honest idea, except that I’d wish to see more standard drafting, with a continued specialise in getting Huni counterpick but not such a lot “cheese”. Huni must influence the map a minimum of the maximum amount as Ssumday.

Elsewhere, Goldenglue had a rough time against PowerOfEvil within the first two games against FlyQuest, then looked far better in games 3 and 4 before fading into the background a touch for game 5. the great news is that his lane opponent on 100 Thieves should be a neater nut to crack than PowerOfEvil, and if he plays like he did in games 3 and 4, he’ll have an honest shot at carrying some games. the most chance for Goldenglue to try to to which will be out-roaming Ryoma, since that has typically been Ryoma’s weakness.

For Goldenglue to try to to good work, a winning jungle matchup will really help. Svenskeren had some success thereupon on Friday, posting a +342 GXD10 against Santorin, one among the simplest Junglers within the league. As already mentioned, though, Contractz is not any slouch. The last time these two teams met, Contractz was everywhere the first game on Nidalee, helping to unleash a dominant Camille by Ssumday. So Svenskeren will need to be in propriety , too!

You might sense a topic here: EG weren’t great against FlyQuest, and they’ll got to be better against 100 Thieves. they'll be the upper seed, but they can’t take this series lightly in the least .

100 Thieves

Win the top/jungle 2v2 as convincingly as possible
Match Goldenglue’s and Zeyzal’s map mobility

Evil Geniuses

Get Huni counterpicks—but good ones this point
Attack 100T’s weak vision game (LCS-lowest WPM)

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Prediction Evil Geniuses to win
Odds 2.10
Start Time 01:00 : 15-Aug-21
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