Dortmund wins after three deficits in Leverkusen

  • Title : Dortmund wins after three deficits in Leverkusen
Date: 12 Sep 2021    


Borussia Dortmund won the away game in Leverkusen spectacularly. Match winner at 4: 3 was - after three deficits - again Erling Haaland.


In the toggle movement, Diaby knocked after just three minutes, Akanji on the other side headed a standard past (4th).

BVB, birthday child Marco Rose, had Pongracic and Brandt instead of Reyna and Malen compared to the 3-2 draw against TSG Hoffenheim and had to make the game, so to speak - which can sometimes fly around your ears in Leverkusen. Paulinho sent after a high ball win Wirtz, who dribbled with speed between the Dortmund central defenders and hit with the pike to 1-0 (9th).

The guests - in the person of Brandt - had the direct answer on their feet, but the former Leverkusen man lifted the leather in front of Hradecky past the gate (11th). Even after that, the game remained dynamic and entertaining, with phases going back and forth. But when the Werkself withdrew, BVB had problems. Until he found a solution: move to the right to Meunier.

The Belgian crossed twice to Haaland, who initially headed the equalizer quite undisturbed (37th) and shortly afterwards involuntarily prepared the supposed 2-1 by Bellingham (39th). The second Dortmund goal was collected again after the VAR intervention, as Dahoud had fouled Diaby in advance. Instead, the home side took the lead before the break, and Schick completed - of course - a counterattack (45th + 1).

Luck in misfortune for Diaby - controversial penalty

Even after the restart, the events rolled over. After a considerable amount of the ball - opponent Tah did not look good for the first time - Brandt chased the leather from an acute angle under the crossbar on a pass from Haaland. This time the equalizer counted (49th).

But it did not last long. After a corner, of all players, Bakker Diaby hindered the volley, which broke off and took two more steps. With the weaker right he then aimed at the short corner, in which he hit from 17 meters from the inside post (55th). There was a lot going on in a top duel on the day of the match, also in the duels and some pack formation.

Standards from Guerreiro and Haaland ensure BVB victory

Almost appropriately, Dortmund's third equalization of the game fell in a spectacular manner: with a direct free kick. Reus started, but broke off - Guerreiro pulled through and hit the kink (71.). Three turns of the pointer later, the guests had the chance to present themselves for the first time. But the development of the Dortmund penalty kick was controversial: Kossounou had hit Reus in the face while shielding the ball, referee Daniel Siebert only pointed to the point after VAR intervention.

From there, Haaland made a splash (77th), his second goal of the afternoon ensured the 4: 3 final score despite Alario's great chance to equalize (80th) - through which Borussia overtook the Werkself in the table.