Lukaku brings Belgium win in his anniversary game on the way

  • Title : Lukaku brings Belgium win in his anniversary game on the way
Date: 06 Sep 2021    


Belgium continues to march through the World Cup qualifying group E. On Sunday evening, the Red Devils won 3-0 against the Czech Republic and were thus at the top of the table on six points. Lukaku cleared the way to victory in his anniversary game after less than ten minutes.


Who knows how the game would have gone if Vydra had seized the chance to score. If the Czech attacker hadn't failed to Courtois in the 48th minute, but had scored the goal. Maybe Belgium would have wavered again - and maybe, who knows, maybe the Czech Republic could have embarrassed the favorites again.

But because Wydra didn't score, it stayed 2-0 for Belgium. Before the break, Lukaku had scored the opening goal in his 100th international match after a through pass from Vanaken with a deliberate finish (8th), then Hazard was also successful when he spiked the ball into the net after a heel pass from Vanaken (41. ).
Courtois shines, Saelemaekers hits

The Belgians were so superior that they hardly ever got into trouble. The top-class Vydra chance was followed by a nice attempt by Hlozek, which Courtois also defused (63) - otherwise Belgium was in control of the situation. After a good hour, the early decision was made: The substitute Saelemaekers completed a remarkable move with a half-high shot - 3-0 (65th).