Will Russia play in Qatar World Cup 2022?

Will Russia play in Qatar World Cup 2022? Image

Due to the recent events, many people are wondering whether Russia qualifies for the Qatar World Cup 2022 or not. If you’ve been wondering what will happen with the Russian team, here we have all the details you need to know regarding the future of Russia in the 2022 edition of the soccer world cup.

Could Russia qualify for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar?

A few months ago, Russia started an invasion in Ukraine, which led to several international organisms to ban the country from different competitions and listing, including the FIFA and UEFA. It goes without saying that these actions generated backlash from the fans, but as of now, the decision remains the same.

At first, it was announced that the Russian team would be able to continue playing outside Russia and without any national symbol (including the flag a national anthem). It was also announced that they would not play under the name of the country, “Russia.”

While the Russian team tried to appeal to this decision at first and hoped to be able to have a spot at the Qatar World Cup through the playoffs, the future doesn’t seem too positive for Russia at the moment.

Russia has been banned from other competitions, not only the Qatar World Cup 2022

As we’ve mentioned, FIFA wasn’t the only soccer-related institution that banned Russia from participating on official tournaments. After the invasion to Ukraine, the UEFA also expressed discontent regarding Russia’s actions and left Russia out of the Europa League Round of 16. Thanks to this, RB Leipzig has assured its spot in the quarterfinals.

These restrictions apply the women’s team as well, as the national team is likely not to participate in none of the European Championships that will take place later this year. Based on the results of the playoffs, Portugal would be the team to replace the team in these future championships.

Russia has been officially disqualified from Qatar World Cup 2022

Although many fans had the hope of seeing Russia play in the 2022 edition of the soccer world, it was recently announced that Poland would be present in the mini-bracket final – leaving Russia officially out of the tournament. This decision is unlikely to be modified at any time soon.

On the other hand, Ukraine requested a postponement from FIFA during the early days of March, which was officially granted on March 7.

Now, both the FIFA and UEFA have announced their intention of removing the Russian team and other clubs from all their future competitions until further advice.

It is uncertain what the future of the Russian national team would be, but the show must go on. At the moment, the teams are trying to assure their spot in the Qatar World Cup 2022, as a few stops are still “unconfirmed” and many games are still yet to be played.


After Russia invaded Ukraine, many companies and international organisms have been actively removing Russia from their lists. This includes the UEFA and FIFA. It is too early to say whether it will be possible for the Russian team to go back to the championships. We still have to wait for future announcements and to see how things turn out in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Still, we already know that the Qatar World Cup 2022 will start on November 21. We’re about half a year away from the competition, so there’s still plenty of room for future announcements – although, for now, Russia is out of the question and the team is unlikely to participate in official championships for a while.