When Does the Champions League 22/23 Start?

When Does the Champions League 22/23 Start? Image

To begin, let's define the Champions League.

Each year, the greatest club football team in Europe is determined by the Champions League, a multi-stage competition that lasts almost an entire calendar year. Teams mostly qualify based on their finishes in domestic competitions the previous season. The tournament starts in June with a qualifying round before moving on to a 32-team pool round. The top eight clubs from each group and the eight best runners-up go on to the elimination round, where they will be paired up in a pool and will progress based on their total goal differential from both home and away games. The final is a one-game showdown between the two remaining teams at a neutral location.

When the UEFA Champions League season comes to an end, focus shifts swiftly to the other.

While one team will experience ultimate victory in 2021-22, the remaining clubs will be fighting tooth and nail to earn the title the following year.

Because it is an annual competition, teams who have their eyes set on winning the Champions League in 2022–2023 have only a couple of months to prepare for their next opportunity.

Most of what you need to know about the next campaign of action in the UCL is broken down here.

The schedule for the UEFA Champions League for 2022-23

The initial qualifying rounds, which will be contested on June 21 in the shape of semifinals and a final, will mark the beginning of the journey for certain teams toward qualification for the UEFA Champions League, which will start as quickly as June 21.

Following that, there will be three more stages of two-legged, aggregate-goal qualifiers staged in July and August before the actual group round of the competition begins at the beginning of September.

As a result of the fact that the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be hosted in Qatar at the end of the year, the group stage of the Champions League will be reduced so that it will go for lesser than two months and conclude on November 2.

After then, there won't be any Champions League action for the next three months since the knockout phases of the tournament won't start until the middle of February.

When it comes time for the Champions League final in 2022-2023, it will be played in Istanbul on June 10 rather than earlier as is customary.

There will be adjustments made to the format of the Champions League

In May of 2022, UEFA announced that the number of clubs competing in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League will increase from 32 to 36 beginning with the 2024–2025 season.

Along with a growth in the number of teams, the competition's structure is also slated to alter significantly in the near future.

The tournament will shortly switch to a format in which teams will be required to play eight games before moving on to the knockout round, and all of the clubs will be ranked equally in a single league table. The current group stage of the competition consists of six matches.

After the first eight matches, the teams that are currently ranked first through eighth will advance directly to the next round, while the teams that are currently ranked ninth through 24th will compete in playoffs that consist of two legs.

Because of the structure's modifications, the tournament's overall schedule will need to be adjusted to accommodate an increased number of games played on the group stage.

Although the UEFA has not yet announced any potential dates for the Champions League beyond 2024, you can anticipate that there will be some changes to the schedule.