What does “DNB” mean in sports betting?

What does “DNB” mean in sports betting? Image

If you’ve been in the sports betting world for a while, you’ve probably encountered the “DNB” acronym. What does it stand for? This article will explain everything you need to know regarding this term so you can understand how to use it appropriately.

For starters, you should know that DNB means “Draw No Bet.” It is an option available in most sportsbooks, and it is used to remove the outcome of a draw, but only on three-way markets. Hence, as a bettor, you will have two options: you can bet for “home” or away” win.

The market where the DNB option applies is popularly known as Handicap (0), too. Hence, you’re likely to find it within the Handicap Markets categories available in a particular soccer event.

With that being said, DNBs can be advantageous or disadvantageous in certain occasions. However, if you learn how to use them appropriately, you will be able to place wagers safely, increasing your chances of winning simultaneously.

Draw No Bet – How does it work?

As we’ve mentioned, the “Draw No Bet” option is utilized to eliminate the “draw” option from a particular betting market. Hence, the three-way market you’ve chosen to bet in will become a two-way market.

So, what will happen with your money if the match results in a draw?

All the money you’ve placed for the wager will be returned at its fullest to you. Hence, if you apply this option in the right opportunity, you will be able to reduce the risk of your bet easily.

You can think of the Draw No Bet option as a way of minimizing the risk on a particular bet. It offers an extra layer of security, but it will leave you with only two markets: Team A or Team B to win.

Impact of DNB on the odds

One of the biggest advantages of the Draw No Bet option is that you will be able to secure your bet if there is a draw. However, you should also take into account that your odds will be reduced considerably.

It’s a bit complicated to tell you how much the sportsbook will reduce the odds if you choose the DNB option as each bookmaker works in a different fashion. However, be prepared for a drastic odd reduction accompanied by lower risk of losing money.

Is it possible to combine several Draw No Bet options?

The main disadvantage of the DNB option is that your profits will be reduced greatly. However, the good news is that this choice is available in most bets our there – you can use it on accumulator bets, trebles and even doubles.

Hence, if you choose the DNB in two different games, for instance, you might be earning a relatively high wager if the outcome you’ve chosen happens.

It is important to note that DNB is not a viable option most of the time. It can be a great way of reducing the risk in certain bets, but in the long term, it’s a practice that will likely prevent you from making great steps in the long term. It can be a good way of making sure that your money will be protected in a high-risk event, but it will not bring you high profits in the long term.


We have explained Draw No Bets for you on this article. While these bets are not exactly popular due to their earning potential, they can help you a lot in specific situations where the risk is quite high but you still would like to place your wagers on that particular event.