What are the best horse racing events in Australia

What are the best horse racing events in Australia Image

Horse racing is one of the biggest markets in sports betting, especially due to its longevity compared to other sports. It is the classic go-to sport for many bettors, especially the old-school ones.

When it comes to Australia, horse racing is still as popular as ever. Hence, if you’re interested in betting on horse racing but have no idea of where to start, this article will guide you through the most popular horse racing events in Australia at the moment. Most of these competitions have been ongoing for several years.

At the moment, there are about 360 registered racecourses throughout Australia, making it the country with the most racecourses available worldwide. Aussies truly enjoy this sport, although it can also be quite attractive to foreigners that are interested in the sports betting world.

Most popular horse racing events in Australia

Given the high number of racecourses there are available, you can guess there are many horse racing competitions each year in Australia. That is correct, but here we list some of the most relevant ones.

Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is perhaps the most important horse racing event in Australia. People often refer to it as the race that stops the nation. It has a large number of fans looking forward to it every year, mostly in Australia, but there are also many people around the world that are interested in such a big event.

This competition takes place at the same date every year: it is scheduled for the first Tuesday of November, and is held at the Flemington Racecourse. It has been like this since the first edition of the event, which took place in 1861.

Besides being quite popular for bettors, it is also one of the most visited touristic attractions in Australia. The area has several other events going on, which means that if you’re visiting this country, the Melbourne Cup is definitely one of the events you shouldn’t miss out.

W.S Cox Plate

The second most popular horse racing event in Australia is the W.S Cox Plate. It is almost as exciting as the Melbourne Cup, but there are a few differences between each event that make them unique in their own way. For instance, this event allows the participation of all thoroughbred horses, but only the skilled ones will be capable of surviving to the final of the competition.

This event usually takes place in October, around two weeks or one week and a half before the Melbourne Cup happens. It is typically held at the Moonee Valley Racecourse.

Caulfield Cup

The third most popular horse racing event in Australia is the Caulfield Cup. Similar to the W.S Cox Plate, it is all about thoroughbred race (group 1, specifically). It has been happening yearly since 1879, which makes it one of the first horse racing events to happen in Australian grounds.

Every year the competition changes slightly based on the competitors that sign up. Unlike other cups, this event is open to international participants as well. You will find people from all around the world in this event.

The Bottom Line

There are tons of horse racing events that happen in Australia every year. Besides the ones mentioned above, you can also find The Golden Slipper Stakes, the Victoria Derby or even the Queen Elizabeth Stakes.

Each of these competitions may have different odds and strategies. Therefore, we highly recommend you to make a thorough research of what’s happening at the moment so you can make the most of your bets once it’s time for the event to happen.