USA betting odds explained - what are Las Vegas Sport odds ?

USA betting odds explained - what are Las Vegas Sport odds ? Image

Americans wish to do things differently. this is applicable to temperatures (Fahrenheit vs. Celsius), length measurements (miles vs. kilometers), fuel consumption (m / g vs. l / 100km) but also odds .

While Europe providers like Betfair/Campobet or any other simply specify odds as a multiplier (for example, a stake of 1.5 - 100 euros leads to a payout of 150 euros), the “Las Vegas odds” are common within the USA and work consistent with a special concept.

The basis for his or her calculation is usually an amount of $ 100 (or the other currency).
If the chances are negative (e.g. -500), you've got to bet $ 500 to win $ 100 otherwise you get a payout of $ 600 (bet + win) if you win.
If the chances are positive (e.g. +300), you win $ 300 dollars with a $ 100 stake, which ends up during a payout of $ 400 (stake + profit).

Las Vegas Betting odds

While Europe odds go from 1.01 to 1 (e.g. Sweden wins against San Marino) to 5000 to 1 in places (San Marino wins the 2018 World Cup), the Las Vegas odds (at least theoretically) go from -10000 (corresponds to 1.01 to 1) to 499,900 (corresponds to 5000 to 1). the size features a gap between -99 and +99, which makes no sense, because the profit would be smaller than the stake. -100 and +100 are both equivalent for two to 1.

If you would like to play a touch with the various odds, OddsShark features a good calculator: odds calculator