How to Bet on Tennis – Tips and Strategies

How to Bet on Tennis – Tips and Strategies Image

Betting on tennis can be tricky sometimes, especially if you are a fan of men’s tennis. It can be counterproductive. But why is that?

Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal have been the most significant tennis names in the latest decade. They've been the winners of 18 of the latest 21 majors. Although this makes tennis predictable, and that's a good thing for bettors, it isn't like that in most money lines.

Tennis money lines, unlike other sports, can be costly. You’ll be required to place a more significant wager in a tennis game than you would in other sport, as the matches tend to be hugely steep.

That being said, the other side of the story is women’s tennis. Although Serena Williams has been the most successful tennis player predominantly, she has had to share part of that dominance with other women, making this part of the game a lot more open than men’s tennis.

All of these facts are summarized into one question: Can you make money by betting on tennis? While there's a positive answer to that question, it can be challenging to keep the bets interesting while the players, as mentioned above, keep dominating the sport.

Putting those facts aside, we will provide you with some tips and strategies you can use to start betting on tennis.

Wager Types         

Let's get you introduced to the wager types before you start giving you tips. Although there are five bet types, three of them are the most popular choices among the punters. Still, here we explain each one of them straightforwardly.

Money line

Money lines work as they would in any other sport, like baseball or football. It’s the predominant way of wagering in tennis, and it’s about placing your bet on the player you think will win the game.

Again, money lines work like this: The favorite has a "negative" number such as -120, and that would mean that to win $100, you must bet $120. However, the underdog's money line is expressed with positive numbers, such as +110. To win $110 on that bet, you'll have to place $100 on the same wager.                                                              

You can also decide to bet on the first set like you would in baseball for the innings.

Game spread

Spreads work the same as in other sports. Therefore, instead of placing your bet on the potential winner, you bet for the likely game outcome. For instance, the game spread maybe -4.5.

Let's take this explanation even further. If the favorite has -1,100 over the underdog during a 3-set match, that would mean the spread is abovementioned. Hence, the favorite would have to win at least five more games than the underdog during the match to comply with the spread.

If the underdog wins and you've wagered +4.5 on the underdog, you'll be granted the victory.

Set Spread

These bets work like the game spreads, but you are betting for individual sets instead of the whole game.

Over and Under

Your bet is based on how many games are played in the same match. For instance, the sportsbook can set the over-under for 22.5. That would mean the game should last at least 23 games for you to be able to cash out your money. On the other hand, you’ll lose your bet if they play less than 23 games.


Futures are also available in tennis. Although these bets aren’t permitted all the time, they are a good way of earning a significant payout.

Future bets are only available in major tournaments, at least most of the time. There are too many options here, which is why you need to pay attention.

We recommend looking at each player's antecedents thoroughly to understand better what's the best option here. It's also worth noting that you can bet on futures for every quarter to be played during that tournament.

Live Betting

Live betting is hugely trendy when it comes to tennis. However, it can be a bit negative as odds are subjected to change at any minute. You can place multiple bet types here. We would only recommend these for more experienced punters, as they can be hugely complicated at first glance.