How to bet on friendly matches

How to bet on friendly matches Image

Friendly matches are quite common in soccer. They differ from official matches because there isn’t any particular reason for the match to happen except passion and fun. Most bettors don’t know that there is a whole market dedicated to this category, and it can be quite profitable if you prepare yourself enough.

One thing that scares bettors away from friendly matches is that they’re often unpredictable. However, most experienced punters would tell you that betting on friendly matches is as favorable as other bets are.

If you’d like to know how to make the best of friendly matches, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll explain everything you need to make sure you feel secure while betting on friendly matches.

Friendly matches: how many exist?

While most friendly matches usually don’t have a particular goal, they are celebrated based on different circumstances. You will typically find three categories, including preseason tournaments and exhibition matches. The last type would be control fights.

Preseason tournaments

Preseason tournaments are fairly common during the off season. Sometimes, these events have notable names, but make no mistake – they’re nothing more but friendly matches and are considered to be training grounds for bigger soccer clubs.

Although it seems like there’s no particular goal to these matches, it can be quite beneficial for the team as it helps them conduct sparring, test the potential of new comers, among many others.

You will see a different attitude in most players, as there isn’t that much pressure like it happens when it comes to official tournaments.

When it comes to preseason tournaments, you can place different bets. Total over or both teams to score are some of the most popular bet types within this market, but you can make diverse combinations based on what you think is most convenient.

Exhibition match

Exhibition matches are relatively usual and are present in different sports. The main goal of exhibition matches is to be entertaining, but that doesn’t mean you can’t place wagers on them. You will find them present in most sportsbook.

However, when it comes to exhibition matches, it is important to keep in mind that you’re betting for entertainment purposes – not for winning. Otherwise, you’ll have a pretty hard time as the nature of these matches is quite unpredictable.

Control duel

Control duels are the least common type of friendly matches there is available. Sometimes, it can even be complicated to find a place to watch them. Most people who know about these events are fans of that specific club.

With that being said, control duels are by far the most unpredictable of all as their main goal can be practice a certain strategy or see how newcomers face the opponents. The moves of the coach are often unpredictable, making it extremely complicated to bet on them and getting it right.

Control matches between popular teams are easier to predict as there will be intensity to a certain degree, but we highly recommend you to keep an eye on what’s happening so you don’t make the wrong decision.

Bets you can consider

  • Both teams to score: This bet consists in wagering based on the score of both teams. For instance, 2:1 or 1:1.
  • Total over: Total over implies betting based on the combinated score of both teams. For instance, if the total over is 2.5, the final result should be at least 3 for you to take the wager home.
  • Both teams to score + Total Over: This bet is also quite popular, but oftentimes, the only odds available they have is 2.5.

Other bets you can take into account are draws, especially due to the “friendly” nature of the events.