Formula 1 2022: Who’s more likely to win this season?

Formula 1 2022: Who’s more likely to win this season? Image

If you’re a F1 fan, you must be excited about the new F1 season. As it’s usual every year, we have ten teams, each of which is composed by 20 drivers, competing against each other. The season started in mid-march, and since then, a lot has happened.

Many people are wondering what driver will win the overall season this year, as well as many other questions. Here we have some of the most spoken predictions about the Formula 1 2022. Will these predictions turn out to be true or will the ending actually surprise us?

Who will win the drivers’ title?

Most bookies and website have mixed opinions about who will take the drives’ title home. A lot has happened since the season started, and all those events have left us with the following favorites:

Top three

Leclerc, Verstappen and Hamilton have become the top three favorites at the moment, each one for different reasons.

Charles Leclerc (9/5) – Leclerc has become the 9/5 favorite according to bookies like Betfair. This driver won the opening race of the F1 2022 season, after all.

Max Verstappen (2/1) – On the other hand, Verstappen had a bad start this season but has already recovered. He rose from 5/4 to 2/1, after experiencing some technical difficulties while trying to finish in Bahrain that prevented him from earning a better place.

Lewis Hamilton (13/5) – Last but not least, Lewis Hamilton is another favorite this season thanks to his 13/5 early stage.

Top six

Besides the driver mentioned above, another group of contestants have become present in the industry, including George Rusell, Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez.

Carlos Sainz (7/1) – The “1-2” that happened last March 20 granted Carlos Sainz a safe spot within this season’s favorites. As of now, he is the 7/1 favorite of the season.

Las but not least, George Russell (16/1) and Sergio Perez (50/1) have also been listed as the last of the top six favorites this season.

The Drivers Championship is still ongoing, so who knows what kind of surprises are waiting for us in the upcoming events?

Constructors Championship

The Constructors’ Championships has Ferrari as the top favorite of the season with odds of 11/10, followed by Mercedes (9/5) and Red Bull (5/2).

Ferrari has become the favorite this season due to the 1-2 that happened on the opening day. On the other hand, Charles Leclerc has become the new favorite to win the Drivers Championship given the flawless start he had.


Given the F1’s current state, many media outlets have posted their predictions regarding their takes on the winner of the season. Here are some of the most popular opinions:

  • Lewis Hamilton has clearly gained a lot of popularity since the season started, Even with favorites like Verstappen or Leclerc, most people seem to have put their faith on Hamilton due to his capacity of adaptation and motivation he has shown since the start of the new season.
  • Max Verstappen is another popular name among the community. After a dramatic win last year, it is clear that Verstappen will give a tough fight before giving up his title. Although he’s characterized for his aggressive style, most people expect him to learn from his mistakes and to gain the sufficient maturity to deliver the best results.

Regarding the Constructors’ Championship, most people believe that we’ll see another Mercedes vs. Red Bull conflict again. However, it seems that many fans out there are rooting for Ferrari – so don’t be surprised if you suddenly see a change of pace throughout the season.

This season has had a thrilling start and the rest of it continues to fill us with emotion. What will the future bring for F1 this 2022?