Betting on eSports: Odds and Markets

Betting on eSports: Odds and Markets Image

Betting on esports is as easy as doing so for your regular sports, but you focus on any video game instead. Learning how to bet on esports is not complicated if you put enough dedication into it.

This article is meant to teach you the basics of esports, including games bookmakers and sportsbooks.

We also include information regarding odds, markets, and all the basics a beginner should know about this niche.

What is it like to bet on eSports?

Besides the fact you're betting on videogames, everything else works similarly to regular sports betting. Perhaps you've heard about "match-winner" or "match win," which is the most standard betting type in eSports.

This term is referred to differently in many websites and social circles. For example, in William Hill, it is known as "Straight," while BetEasy calls it “Head-to-Head.”

About its functioning, it is straightforward: Once you've figured out what are the most favorable odds, you will select a team to place your wager. At this point, there's nothing out of the ordinary.

About Odds

Odds are a fundamental concept in sports betting, and it is applied in eSports.

Odds correspond to how probable it is for a particular result to happen; for instance, how likely is the team we placed our wager on to win. Odds may look different, depending on the sportsbook.

Unlike regular sports betting, eSports deal with an international audience. Therefore, you may find distinct odd formats on different websites, such as decimal, American, and fractional. Still, regardless of the website you've decided to bet on, you must learn how odds work before getting started into betting.

However, please note that decimal odds are the standard format used by most betting sites. Three factors are fundamental to betting, regardless if it's regular sports or eSports betting:

Format – The format may differ, depending on the sportsbook or bookmarker you have chosen to use. Therefore, these sportsbooks may use the decimal, fractional, or American format.

Odds – Again, odds represent the amount of money the sportsbook or bookmaker will pay punters over a winning wager. These funds include the stake.

Bankroll – A bankroll is the amount of money you are willing to use for bets.

These three concepts are basic in regular betting, so every bettor must get familiar with them before starting to place wagers on a selected team.

Still, there are more factors you should know about, such as the bet types that can be found in eSports.

Types of Bets in eSports

There are multiple bet types in eSports, as multiple videogames and gameplay styles exist.

For instance, in League of Legends, punters can place wagers based on the team who defeats the miniboss first. However, when it comes to an FPS game such as CS: GO, people can place wagers on the team that wins the first Pistol Round.

Due to this fact, sportsbooks offer more variety when it comes to eSports. These general bet types are explained in the list below.

Draw – You place a wager based on whether the game’s outcome is a draw.

Group of Winner – You place a wager based on the particular group with the whole tournament's final winner.

Group Winner – This term should not be confused with the previous term. Here you place your wager on the winning group.

Handicap Bet – Bettors place wagers based on the team who has the handicap advantage or disadvantage.

Outright Winner – You place wagers based on the team you believe will win the tournament.

Over-Under – Instead of betting on a team, this bet type consists of placing a wager on the statistics. The sportsbook predicts a particular game.

Region Winner – This option is available only when the tournament divides all teams by region. You place a wager on the region instead of a particular team.

Total Rounds – This option consists of placing wagers based on the number of rounds a match will have, whether higher or lesser.

There are particular types and specific types of bets that focus on particular games, and therefore, they are only available in those. However, this general information is essential for those who want to get started in eSports betting.