AFL Team: Melbourne Demons

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The Melbourne Football Club aka the “Demons,” has been active since more than 163 years ago as the team was founded in 1858.

One interesting fact about the Demons is that their original colors weren’t blue and red. Their first uniform was completely white, while their second was pink. They stated using their signature colors starting from 1872.

Although Melbourne has had one of the most remarkable droughts in the AFL as the club hasn’t won a premiership since 1964 (more than fifty years), the team has had an impeccable performance during the -21 season and currently ranks third in the top 8 teams in 2021.

Quick facts about the Melbourne Football Club

  • Although the team has won 12 VFL/AFL premierships, none of them have happened in the XXI century. In fact, the Demons have not won a single season since 1964 (if we don’t take into account the Reserves).
  • They have earned their highest score, 28.14 (182), two times in different years, 1986 and 1991. Curiously enough, both games were against North Melbourne.
  • The team has three players in the Australian Football Hall of Fame, under the legends category: Ron Brassi, Norm Smith and Ivor Warne-Smith.
  • Some fans and members refer to the team as the “Redlegs.” This nickname was first used in 1897, although it isn’t used with too much frequency.

Brief history of the team        

Although the team started its activities in 1858, it wasn’t until a year later that they made everything official. The first captain of the team was Tom Wills, person who also wrote part of the Rules of the Melbourne Football Club, which were used to codify the current rules for the AFL.

As a complete football club, the team had their first win in 1900 when they won against Fitzroy. Ivor Warne-Smith won in 1926 the first Brownlow Medal for the Demons. He’s now part of the Australian Football Hall of Fame.

During the first six decades of the XX century, we can say that Melbourne had an average and stable performance as they were present in all the decades – except for the 1910. The team suffered a 26-year drought since their first victory in 1900, as they won their second premiership in 1926 during the Grand Finale against Collingwood.

Although the Demons had to wait for thirteen years to win another premiership, the wait was worth it. They won during three years consecutively, form 1939 to 1941. Once again, they had a pause in their streak again as their next victory was in 1948. However, they won for another three years consecutively from 1955 to 1957.

If it wasn’t for their loss during their loss against Collingwood in 1958, the team would’ve had a four-year streak as they earned another two victories in 1959 and 1960.

Their last victory was in 1964, in another game against Collingwood. Their score in this game was 8.16 (64) against 8.12 (60).

The Melbourne Football Club in the Present

Although the team hasn’t won in 57 years, they have had an excellent performance in the present season as they’re currently ranking top three in the teams. They’ve had an impeccable record in the current season, although we are yet to see whether things are still favorable for them in the following games.

Their next game will happen on April 11, and they’ll face Geelong at the MCG. Their previous game was against Greater Western Sydney, where the achieved a total score of 15.12 (102).

Will the Melbourne Football Club be able to maintain their zero-lose streak during the following rounds?