AFL Team: About Hawthorn

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The Hawthorn Football Club, popularly known as the Hawks, is a football team from Mulgrave, Victoria. Although the club has been active for over 199 years (foundation date: 1902), it only entered the VFL in 1925. They’re the youngest Victorian team in the AFL.

Although the team had to wait for almost four decades to win its first premiership, since then they’ve been present in each decade from the 1960s to the 2010s. From 2013 to 2015, the team won three consecutive premierships, becoming one of the most noteworthy teams of the decade.

The 2021 season hasn’t been that great for the Hawks, although they still have opportunities to recover themselves after such a disastrous start.

Quick facts about Hawthorn

  • Hawthorn has won thirteen premierships. Their first win was at the 1961 VFL Grand Final against Footscray. The Hawks had a total score of 13.16 (94).
  • They’ve been present in 19 grand finals, only losing in six occasions.
  • Hawthorn has never been at the bottom of the position ladder. Their worst rank has been fifteenth, and that has only happened in four occasions – the first one being in 1995 and the last one in 2020, season which was cancelled due to COVID-19 safety concerns.
  • Hawthorn has 24 members in the Australian Football Hall of Fame. This list includes 21 players and three coaches. Two players, Peter Hudson and Leigh Matthews, possess the “legend” status, while only one coach, John Kennedy Sr., has it.
  • Their highest score has been 36.15 (231) against Fitzroy. On the other hand, their lowest score has been 1.7 (13) during a match against Melbourne.

Brief history of the team

The team has had an excellent reputation and performance over the years, despite being involved in multiple controversies in the most recent years. Despite that, the team has maintained itself as one of the most remarkable teams in the AFL.

They’ve been present in each decade since their first win in 1961, season whose grand final was against Fitzroy. They won with a total score of 13.16 (94), and since then, they have enjoyed of good and bad seasons, maintaining stability over the years.

During the 1970s, the team won three premierships. The most remarkable win of this decade was the 1978 VFL Grand Final, which was paired against North Melbourne. This was the four time in the decade that both teams encountered each other in a grand final. The last premiership was taken by North Melbourne, but this time Hawthorn was able to defeat the said team and avenge the previous events.

The following years were similar, especially during the 1980s as the Hawks won four premierships: 1983, 1986, 1988 and 1989. They didn’t have to wait for too long to win another premiership as they won again in 1991.

However, although they started the new decade with a promising performance, they didn’t win another premiership until the late 2000s, in 2008. This match was against

In the Present

The 2010s decade was also excellent for Hawthorn. They won for three years consecutively from 2013 to 2015. Although the Hawks started their 2015 season with the left feet, they ended up taking a place in the grand finale against the west coast.  They ended up having a total score of 16.11 (107).

As of now, the team has only won one game throughout the -21 season. However, knowing their record, it can be possible for them to recover their streak and become part of the top teams once more.

Hopefully, they’ll expand their record as the team with the most presence in each decade since the 60s by earning a premiership in the next years.