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Esport betting tips are becoming increasingly popular with sports betting fans. Follow our e-sports betting tips from our betting experts for Counter-Strike and League of Legends as well as Dota2. We are constantly expanding our range of e-sports betting tips on Wettformat.

E-Sports Tips - Dota2 or Counter Strike Predictions - Win Rate: 100.00%

[DOTA2] Chicken Fighters vs PuckChamp Image
5 May

[DOTA2] Chicken Fighters vs PuckChamp View Icon
[DOTA2] beastcoast vs ThunderPredator Image
30 Apr

[DOTA2] beastcoast vs ThunderPredator View Icon
[DOTA2] PuckChamp vs EXTREMUM  Image
29 Apr

[DOTA2] PuckChamp vs EXTREMUM View Icon
[DOTA2] Execration vs Omega Image
27 Apr

[DOTA2] Execration vs Omega View Icon
[DOTA2] Vici Gaming vs EHOME Image
27 Apr

[DOTA2] Vici Gaming vs EHOME View Icon
[DOTA2] Aster vs RNG Image
26 Apr

[DOTA2] Aster vs RNG View Icon
[DOTA2] Alliance vs Nigma Image
24 Apr

[DOTA2] Alliance vs Nigma View Icon
[DOTA2] Unique vs Winstrike Image
23 Apr

[DOTA2] Unique vs Winstrike View Icon
[CSGO] vs HAVU Image
22 Apr

[CSGO] vs HAVU View Icon
[DOTA2] Team Nigma vs Team Liquid Image
21 Apr

[DOTA2] Team Nigma vs Team Liquid View Icon
[DOTA2] Alliance vs OG Image
20 Apr

[DOTA2] Alliance vs OG View Icon
[CSGO] ex-Winstrike vs AGO Image
17 Apr

[CSGO] ex-Winstrike vs AGO View Icon

eSport Betting Tips

A lot of people think that this latest addition to professional sports shouldn’t even be a sports. Others even belittle it to the point of insulting the competitors in the sport. But after much consideration and due to popular demand, it has become a sport in its own right.

The general format of competition in ESports is very similar to all the other sports we have. They play in single elimination brackets, round robin, best of series, and some of the newer one’s have all the competitors compete against each other simultaneously with the last man standing as the winner.


These tournaments have some insane prize money that attracts only the best of the best in each game. To give you an idea of how high these players get paid, in last years DotA 2 Tournament, The International 2019, the winning team each went home with US$ 3.12 million, which is more than what Tiger Woods took home in last year’s Master’s.


With prize money as big as this, anyone who would want to join would need to undergo countless hours of training to improve reflexes and response time during play, and must also posses a required set of skills to play a certain position or strategy.


History of competitive videogames

ESports, as we currently know it, had its humble beginnings with competitive videogames as early as 1972 when a group of students in Stanford University started playing a game called Spacewar. Later on we would see games such as Space Invaders, Asteroids, Pac-Man, Tetris, and many others that would become platforms for the early stages of competitive gaming. Participants would all play simultaneously and compete to get the highest score or survive the longest. Prize money and incentives were offered to the winner but it definitely wasn’t as big as what we have now.


As technology started advancing, so did videogames. We started seeing a new breed of videogames that were now possible to play due to new consumer technology that had been released. We started seeing competitive fighting games such as Street Fighter 2 and so on. Although on newer platforms, tournaments for these fighting games are still being played up until now.


When the Internet started becoming more easily accessible, videogames were also brought up to new heights. Through a small game called Doom, the deathmatch platform was founded. This would pave the way for battle royale games such as Fortnite, PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege, and many more.


The last and most popular platforms in ESports are MOBAs, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas. This was born out of real strategy games where you control entire armies towards a certain objective or to out strategize or out maneuver an opponent. Two teams of five compete against each other to gain ground on a map and ultimately destroy the opponents’ main structure in their base. Each player controls only one character that he/she will get to pick at the start of the game. Each character has a certain set of unique skills that you can utilize.


Get professional Help

With high caliber competition such as this, the world of ESports betting has grown very fast. And here at El Toro Bets, we cover all of the major leagues and tournaments in all the ESports. Our tipsters offer important insights, advice, and statistics for you to better understand the game, the players, and what you should bet on.