[DOTA2] Alliance vs Mudgolems

  • Title : [DOTA2] Alliance vs Mudgolems
Date: 10 Jan 2021  |   Bet:   |   Odds: 1.48  |  
Author: Greg  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: 7/10


This will decide if they will be qualified for the Upper Division or they have to fight for another day against Hippomaniacs.

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Alliance vs Mudgolems
DreamLeague DPC S14, Closed Qualifier, Upper Bracket, Round 2
Best of 3



Team Alliance Lineup:
1 - Nikolay "Nikobaby" Nikolov
2 - Linus "Limmp" Blomdin
3 - Gustav "s4" Magnusson
4 - Simon "Handsken" Haag
5 - Artsiom "fng" Barshak


Mudgolems Lineup:
1 - Oliver "skiter" Lepko
2 - Leon "Nine" Kirilin
3 - Neta "33" Shapira
4 - Malthe "Biver" Winther
5 - Adrian "Fata" Trinks

Mudgolems had a hard time yesterday against Brame, they almost lost on that third match and was lucky to pick up Ursa bring the win to them. It's quite disheartening to see this team having a hard time right now.

Meanwhile, Alliance also lost a match against Smash yesterday but they were able to stomp them on the first and third match. I think the problem with the second match is that they tried a different lineup, it's pretty common to happen especially if the team knows they could easily beat their opponent, they used Bloodseeker as carry which is not commonly seen these days, they manage to make it a close game but still fell short.

I think this will be a good game for team Alliance. They have better heroes and are more comfortable as a team.

Team Alliance to win (Medium Bet)


Prediction Team Alliance to win (Medium Bet)
Odds 1.48
Start Time 12:20 : 10-Jan-21