[DOTA2] Invictus Gaming vs Team MagMa

  • Title : [DOTA2] Invictus Gaming vs Team MagMa
Date: 08 Jan 2021  |   Bet: $50  |   Odds: 1.52  |  
Author: eTipster  |   Category: E-Sports  |   Value: 7/10


Team MagMa is a good team but they haven't been playing well since last month. Their current status from 15 matches is 2 wins and 13 losses. This can tell that they have been in a bad shape.


Invictus Gaming vs Team MagMa
DPC 2021 S1: CN, Closed Qualifier, Upper Bracket, Round 1
Best of 3



Invictus Gaming:
1 - Jin "flyfly" Zhiyi
2 - Zhou "Emo" Yi
3 - Thiay "JT-" Jun Wen
4 - Hu "kaka" Liangzhi
5 - Chan "Oli~" Chon Kien

Team MagMa Lineup:
1 - Tang "k" Kaiwen
2 - Chen "zc" Xiaofeng
3 - Jiang "Tzy" Bo
4 - Li "mianmian" Zimeng
5 - Chen "Kazz" Kai


This is an interesting match, both teams are not in their best shape. But IG was not on a full roster that time and it's quite acceptable that they would lose some of those matches. But now that they are complete, we could expect a better performance from the said team.

Meanwhile, Team MagMa is not doing well, they have to withdraw their participation in WCAA Winter Cup, 8 of those 13 losses were from this specific event.

This will be a very close match, but IG will win this.

Invictus Gaming to win (Medium Bet)

Prediction Invictus Gaming to win (Medium Bet)
Odds 1.52
Start Time 12:00 : 08-Jan-21