Free UFC prediction - UFC Fight Night: Blachowicz vs Rakic

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  • Title : Free UFC prediction - UFC Fight Night: Blachowicz vs Rakic
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Europe looks to Nevada: With the headliner Blachowicz vs Rakic, there will be a main event between two potential title challengers from Europe at the upcoming UFC Fight Night on May 14th and we give here our UFC fight night Prediction for free.


The fight is trend-setting especially for the Viennese Aleksandar Rakic. The Austrian has won six out of seven fights at the UFC so far and is brimming with self-confidence ahead of the matriculation test against Jan Blachowicz.

As the Blachowicz vs Rakic ​​betting odds show, the UFC bookmakers also see the Viennese as a favorite...

Aleksandar Rakic ​​has lost just one of seven fights in his UFC career so far. After the Viennese mastered difficult hurdles against fighters like Smith and Santos, the next maturity test is now pending.

The fight against Jan Blachowicz is a springboard for a potential title fight. The main event of the upcoming UFC Fight Night was originally supposed to take place in March 2022, but the fight was canceled due to an injury to Blachowicz.

Since then, Aleksandar Rakic's preparations have been in full swing.

If the Austrian takes the momentum from the last two fights with him, it is obvious that Rakic ​​will also successfully assert himself in the fight against ex-champion Jan Blachowicz.

Variable combat package as a success factor?

A fight over five rounds cannot be ruled out. The fights against Santos, Smith and Oezdemir were only decided by the judges. There was only a controversial defeat for Rakic ​​against Oezdemir.

On the other hand, Rakic ​​successfully mastered fights against Smith and Santos by point decision. The Viennese not only used his effective striking, but also his grappling skills. It is quite possible that a similar fighting strategy will also be used against Blachowicz.

After all, Rakic ​​didn't take any big risks in his last fights. It would therefore be all the more surprising if, of all things, an open exchange of blows was risked against a stand-up fighter like Blachowicz.

Bets on a Rakic ​​win have value after recent performances.

Blachowicz vs Rakic: Prediction & Betting Odds

Aleksandar Rakic ​​is just a few steps away from a title shot.

If the Viennese wins the fight against Blachowicz, it stands to reason that Rakic ​​would be ranked as the next light heavyweight title challenger and fight the winner of Teixeira vs Prochazka.

However, the fight against ex-champion Jan Blachowicz will be a real test for Rakic. Especially since the Polish light heavyweight has the necessary clout to end the fight against Rakic ​​prematurely after a knockout.

In three of his last five fights, Blachowicz celebrated an early KO victory anyway. Only against fighters like Souza and Adesanya was there a decision based on points. In the defeat against Teixeira, on the other hand, Blachowicz was extremely disappointing.

Blachowicz vs Rakic ​​Key Facts – UFC Tip

  • Jan Blachowicz had to cancel the first fight in March 2022 due to injury.
  • Rakic ​​has won six of his previous seven fights with the UFC.
  • Blachowicz lost his last fight against Teixeira and had to give up the UFC belt.


Aleksandar Rakic, on the other hand, oozed confidence in battles against former title contenders like Smith and Santos.

Rakic ​​was particularly convincing in the fight against the Brazilian and celebrated an unchallenged victory after a decision on points.

If Rakic ​​does not take any unnecessary risks in the fight against Blachowicz, it is also obvious that the Viennese will overcome the hurdle at the upcoming UFC Fight Night. We think Blachowicz vs Rakic ​​bets on the 30-year-old Austrian with Serbian roots are obvious.

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